Digital Doorbell Dread: If the Zoom bell makes you anxious, you’re not alone! 

I’m sneaking in some writing time this morning while our triplets are in remote school for the next hour. I’m happy for the breather—they’re currently occupied with some remote learning while I drink an entire hot coffee. Life is good!

They’re downstairs in our mudroom-turned-classroom, with all their school supplies, art projects, etc. contained in one room. It’s made a huge improvement over the crisis schooling set-up last year: the four of us at the kitchen table (right next to Dad’s office, no less!) shuffling through a seemingly endless fountain of printouts, workbooks, crayons, and homeschool art projects pouring all over the main living area of the house. 

In the first months of the pandemic, like many, I felt anxious a lot of the time. Global pandemics have a way of doing that to a person. 

But I realized another type of anxiety humming in the background. It took me a while to recognize what it was... 



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