Hi! I'm Belynda

I'm a mother, a wife, a tech writer, a dog and cat mom, a knitter, a baker, and a singer.

I'm also the child of a hoarder. 

I know... that's a part of the personal resume you don't often hear! But that's why I'm so committed to saying it— loud and proud— so that you know I get it.

I get the embarrassment of someone showing up unannounced. Of having to turn down visits from friends. Of sneaking things out to the curb late at night to keep them from magically re-appearing in the house.

I know there are a lot of stories people just wouldn't believe if we told them. 

Like, who else would believe I once found a ham from 1979 in my parent's chest-freezer? My mom had literally had that ham longer than she'd had me. (!!!)

YOU believe it. Because you totally get it.  

That's why I started the Hoarded Childhood— as a way to reach out to others who grew up hoarded, in order to share the tips, tricks, and secrets that have allowed me to live a more calm, organized life.

To help others understand and overcome the stumbling blocks that growing up hoarded can throw in your path.

If nothing else, I started it to let you know that you're not crazy.

That no, it wasn't normal. And that it wasn't your fault or your responsibility to make things better. 

To support others like me in the way we all deserve to be supported. 

I invite you to take this journey with me, to a better way, a neater home, and a happier life. Onward!