Unpack your Past, Embrace your Future

As a child, did you...

  • Live in a home marked by clutter, disorganization, and/or unsanitary conditions
  • Struggle with keeping the “family secret," or suffer isolation because of it?” (For instance, avoiding having friends over?)
  • Get into trouble for discarding items, or cleaning your bedroom/common areas at home? 

As an adult, do you... 

  • Suffer from “doorbell dread,” or feel anxiety when hosting company (even if the house is clean?)
  • Fall behind on the little things and feel completely overwhelmed trying to catch up?
  • Start projects with enthusiasm, but lose steam mid-way or become distracted?
  • Wonder why it's so easy for other people to get a handle on things, or ask yourself, "What's wrong with me?" 

Do you...

  • Daydream about a neat home, clean home and organized daily life?
  • Want to enjoy the sense of calm that comes from loving your living space?
  • Look for home routines that work for you without triggering overwhelm
  • Need some help to master the skills to make a positive, permanent change in your home?

If so? You’re not alone, and you aren’t to blame. 

The truth is, the challenges of growing up in a hoarding environment can follow Adult Children of Hoarders (ACoH) their entire lives. Those that grow up in adverse environments often have lifelong struggles with organization, planning, emotional regulation, and tidiness. 

You weren’t given the tools in childhood that would prepare you for success as an adult. Living in a hoarding environment may even change your brain development and your executive functioning. 

Most importantly: You are not defined by your past. 

Even if you’ve tried and failed to “get your act together” or “be a better housekeeper” in the past, you can absolutely learn new skills and routines that can change your life and bring you peace in your home.
I have been down this road, and through research and introspection, have made changes to my mindset and habits that have given me freedom from the shame, frustration, and anxiety of clutter and disorganization.

"Fire on 8"
Coming in February 2021

This in-depth course will help you understand the scientific cause behind your struggles with tidying, create opportunities to discard your old self-narrative about home care, and give you the practical skills, frameworks, and confidence to create an effective and healthy relationship with your home environment.

Are you ready to unpack?

Change is the gift you give yourself. Investing your time in building better habits can bring you more happiness, stronger relationships, and lasting calm in every corner of your home. During this course, you’ll take concrete actions that get you on the road to less “stuff” and more success.

Understand the Science

Understand how hoarding in childhood affects development into adulthood, and how the right approach can change outcomes. 

Make a Plan

Learn to address the blocks and overwhelm that have kept you in a cycle of false starts; use that knowledge to build new routines.

Claim your Space

Put your plan into action, overcome every roadblock, and enjoy the peace that comes with a clean and manageable home.

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